Yorita – Southside

For our first bloggy on food, we decided on Yorita.

It was a learning experience.

First: we were so hungry, we did not pause and take photos of our food. This is the only photo we have.


With a ton of tacos to choose from, we decided on the Pork Shoulder, made with mole poblano, jalapeño, scallion, and Granny Smith apples, and the Braised Chicken, which is made with chipotle bbq, poblano pepper, white onion, and potato. For a starter, we had chorizo corn dogs made with cornbread and a great squash soup. Drinks? Water.

The best part of the meal was that Nina ordered all of the food, but forgot to say, “The lady will have…” It’s not creepy at all when dudes order the food for their dates. Not at all.

So how was the food?

It was decent. But it wasn’t…we were looking for food that pretty much gave it up on the first date, stayed over, made us breakfast and gave us sex in the morning. And this food did not. It gave us a very chaste kiss on the cheek.

The tacos were decent. Not amazing. They were somewhat filling and the choices were good. But the menu is small and look, we’re not going to get an eel taco. That sounds like the name of some really violent, impossible sex act that we wouldn’t repeat in a fucking family bloggy like this one.

The soup was awesome. The corndogs were a good idea, but were missing something. Take it from kids who like corndogs. We love us some corndogs. In fact, if we had like, you know, to face a firing squad, we’d pick a last meal of corndogs, bacon and buffalo chicken dip with two frosty mugs of Ying.

Then we’d escape the firing squad and get Red Velvet Cake.

Anyways, in final review…


3 of 5 frosty mugs

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