Dip night!

Every once in awhile, we get together to make some dips. A week or so again, we did just that and have brought you the results.

First up, our signature Buffalo chicken dip.


It’s simple, yet oh so perfect. Grab two boneless chicken breasts and grill them up. Soften a package of cream cheese and melt it up, then squeeze some Ranch dressing into it. Then, toss in a bunch of hot sauce. I screwed up here and tried another kind of hot sauce. Not Frank’s. Such was the mistake. You should only use Frank’s or Frank’s Buffalo Wing sauce. None of you will be able to have Nina expertly chop up the chicken, which she is the master of, well…she does vegan cooking for one of her jobs, so I guess you could hire her to chop stuff, too. It’d be worth it. Then you mix it all and viola. You can serve it on chicken crackers, but that seems silly. We went with triscuits.

Up next was a pizza dip. Pepperoni, mozzarella, cream cheese, some pizza sauce and mix it all up. It came out pretty great, but we think basil would help next time. This is what we discuss when we hang out – how we could make food better, what is missing, what the mysterious ingredient is that is not there and could be there.

Finally, hot dogs.


These were huge hot dogs. And great. Even better with buffalo dip, which I have heard also goes well with eggs the next day. The next day was even better, as the hot sauce has time to mingle. We capped our evening off with a great apple and hours of Rock Band playing. Ah, food night. The best night ever.


One Response

  1. I am wishing for an appearance of both of those dips at Saurday’s party. My mouth is dreaming of buffalo chicken dip and has been since last year.

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