Bistro To Go – East Ohio Street, Pittsburgh

Nina and I love Bistro to Go. We’ve had many meals of just sides from there. It’s a great little place in the North Side, the place where no one will deliver Chinese food.

I was having a horrible day at work when Nina decided to be deep fried trouble, bringer of all things yum, and bring me a Chicken Puff Pie, a cookie and a Souix City Cherries ‘N Mint soda.

The Chicken Puff Pie was a delight. In the midst of a sea of carrots, peas and chicken pot pie filling was this puff that I finally just picked up and ate. It was amazing. Crumbly and perfect. And just look at those veggies.

Wonderful. I did not get a picture of the cookie, because I was so hungry for it. This is a common problem in our food reviews. We get so excited about the food that we devour it. It also leads to us sitting on the couch saying that we feel like we’re pregnant and continuing to eat Chinese food, but that is a review coming soon.

Topping the meal off was a luscious soda. A real soda, when all I usually drink is diet. This red soda is an intriguing take. She had never seen it before and neither had I – but I will seek it out again and again. The bottle will go on my desk next to the bottle of RC she got me this summer. Ah, glass bottles of pop. Or soda. In Pittsburgh, we call it pop. And when it’s slippery, we say it’s slippy. We also hold parking spots with folding chairs. Ah, what a town.

Here’s to awesome friends who make your day better with just a smile and some comfort food.

Check out Bistro to Go at

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