We were in Youngstown shopping away at the amazing Marc’s when we grew very tired. Fussy. And in need of a good meal. We turned to Antone’s.


For $6.99, you get soup, salad and pasta. We also opted for the $2.99 fried cheese and we were pleased. Antone’s has been around since 1961 and is known for their Antone’s salad. Or monkey salad. We have no idea why they call it that, but it has cheese, tuna and salami in a Caesar salad. The Oscar salad had Kaluha nuts and a sweet balsamic. We tried a fantabulous potato cheese and bacon soup, as well as a tomato soup that was sadly cold too quick, yet still great. The pasta, well, we were already full by the time the pasta got there. And you can’t miss the garlic bread.


Just take a look at that fried cheese. Wow, huh?



Can you tell Nina is a much better photographer than me? We went to dinner last week and she said, “Thanks for waiting to post the Antone’s review.” I said, “Oh, I have your photos in there.” No. I didn’t. I should have realized because there’s now ay she could have been in the photos that she shot because she’d be holding the camera. Nina is much, much smarter than me as well.


We went back to our shopping refreshed. Next time we go, though, there is a BBQ place that has a giant banner that says: MAN FOOD. Oh you better believe we are going there.


Antone's Grill on Urbanspoon


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