Dozen, Warhol in Pittsburgh

In the basement of the Warhol, next to the awesome photobooth, is a new Dozen location. We went and had a quick meal there and it was delicious.






Nina had a sandwich with turkey and cranberries in it. It was huge, big enough for both of us, but Sam still got a turkey pot pie.


Of course, Dozen is all about the cupcakes. Of which we had one. And it was wonderful. They have a small little menu, but that said, when you are exploring the awesomeness of the Warhol, the silver balloon room can make you pretty starving. So stop downstairs and grab something tasty. Or just go for the food and the photobooth like we do. Because we’re poor. And cheap. And like to longingly stare at things in the gift shop.

Dozen Bake Shop - Café at the Warhol on Urbanspoon


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