The Pringles challenge


We’ve talked about Pringles before. But this was it. The big Pringles off, conceived in our last snowstorm. Yes, this was going to be it, Pringle versus Pringle. But more…us versus Pringles. Would we find one we liked? Would the problems with Pringles be a thing of the past? Only the challenge could tell us.

We were prepared, with a bottle of Cherry Cider to cleanse our palates between rounds.


We started with the Mozzarella Breadsticks and Marinara. This is where Pringles always goes wrong. Three tastes: breadstick, cheese and sauce. They got the bread down right, which coudln’t have been hard seeing as how this is a starch. But the rest? A sad failure. 3.5 out of 10.

Next was the Mexican Layer Dip. This tasted like one thing. Olives. Olives. Olives. 2 out of ten and barely that at that.

Taco Night was next. This was the flavor of an entire evening. No, wait, Nina reports to me that it should just be the taste of the tacos. OK. Got it. This tasted like taco seasoning, which should be easy to do. This swept the competition so far with a 6. Yes, after the last one, this was like caviar.

Former besmirched Buffalo WIng was next. 3. Horrible. We don’t even want to waste words on this.

Hot Tamale? Yes. They make it, we ate it. It got an edible, but not creative 6.

Creamy Ranch? Yes. Up next. Pringles are in all these categories now and these ones are from the new whole grain line. Not the share them at the football game line. Those are all horrible. These got an 8 from us. An 8. Wow.

Smokin; Ranch? It tasted like licorice. And we all know how much Nina hates licorice. After chasing her around the room with a chip asking her to eat another, we graded this a 1.

White Cheddar? We had a lot of hope for this flavor. And it rewarded us with a 2.

At this point, we brought back the Wonton Pringles.


At this point, we were disgusted by Pringles. They are still sitting in my house and I don’t think I could eat another one ever again. God damn you Pringles and your lies. You always get us with your promise of awesome flavors. And again and again, we trust you. Well, never again. What? You have a Peanut Butter and Bacon flavor? Oh, Pringles, we are sorry. We are so sorry to doubt you. Take us back.


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