We made some steak over the Valentine’s weekend. $20 steaks. Fancy steaks. And we needed, well, $1.50 sauces. Let me present what makes the magic.

Sweet Motherfucking Baby Ray’s.

Raspberry Chipolte. Let that sink in. Oh yeah. Sound good? Yes, it was. This BBQ sauce took us out in it’s Lincoln Towncar and made sweet, sweet love to us 15 miles from town.

Let’s look at that steak, which amazingly, Sam did not burn:


Words alone won’t do Sweet Baby Ray justice. The man is a genius.

Southern Traditions Gourmet Savory Sirloin Steak Sauce?

You may come from Big Lots. But you are all winner, too.

If you are thinking, I bet in the AM, Sam and Nina made a giant omelette with the leftover steak and Nina put Sweet Baby Ray all over it? You’re right. Stop stalking us.

Best steak sauces. Ever.


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  1. All of their sauces rock!

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