Our first fish fry comes from…
Croatian National Hall “Javor” (North Side)
When: Fridays in Lent, 4-8pm
Where: 805 East Street on the North Side
Get Directions From Mapquest
What: Baked or Fried Fish, Shrimp, French Fries or Mac & Cheese our famous Croatian Coleslaw and Dessert
Cost: $7 dinners; $5 sandwiches
Takeout? 412-321-8104

Sadly, for the second week, we didn’t make it due to snow. But fish fries are the best thing ever.

The Javor had an interesting fruit cake and the fish and shrimp were palatable. Not as good as the amazing fish fry on the way to Rogers, Ohio, where old ladies sat with us. But pretty good.

Our goal?

A fish fry a week. We wish there were fish fries every single weekend, but Lent is the time for them. So…we will eat them as much as we can, when we can. And the Rogers one? It’s the first of the month every month throughout the year, so you know we will be back.


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