This week, we went to…

St. Maximilian Kolbe, Homestead
Ash Wednesday and Fridays of Lent, including Good Friday, 11 a.m.-7 p.m., social hall (formally St. Ann Church), 363 W. 11th Ave. Extension. Fish sandwich, fish dinner, shrimp dinner, crab cake dinner, baked and fried seafood platters, haluski, potato pancakes and more. Specialty dinners include linguini with seafood or clam sauce, scallops, fried clams and lasagna. Takeout available, call 412-462-1743.


We are breaking this down one thing at a time.

Pierogies: They had potato and cheese inside and were made more like pasta. Not hard and fried. Nice, soft, melty pierogies. They were cooked just right, with sweet butter and onions. Not cooked to death. Just, well, perfect. These may have been the best we have ever had. And trust you me, we eat a lot of them.

Haluski: We were told these are the only potato haluski of any Catholic diocese fish fry in town. They were mild, not overpowering like other haluski we have had. We’re not the biggest fans of haluski, but we liked this.

Potato pancakes: These were close to the haluski. Good, but not Nina style. But not bad.


Macaroni and cheese: The only words we have are “really amazing.” So much cheese, just swimming in cheese. And us? We want to swim in this. It was like a sleeping bag. A hug from your mom. Almost perfect…the best mac and cheese we have ever had, even in restaurants. Yes, we are going back next week and getting big ones to freeze for when we get the need for mac and cheese, so you know. It will be gone in a few days.

Cole slaw: This wasn’t as chopped up as the one we had last week, which was the best. Now, we have a tie. This was crunchy and pretty great.

Baked seafood platter: This had scallops, some whitefish and shrimp. Nina was happy that the shrimp were classy. They were depooped. And cooked properly. You know, Nina grew up on a boat. So she has rules about eating seafood, now living so far from the water. And she liked this.

Fish sandwich: We got four big pieces of fish that was all handbreaded. They even threw in a thick roll. Just well made fish, tasty and such a good deal, too.

After weeks of fish fries, we are pleased to declare St. Maximilian Kolbe the winner. We will return next week and give you a review of their lasagna, fried clams and more. And soon…we will be hitting county fairs. Yes, does your community have a fair? We want to go. Come meet us. Buy us elephant ears and lemonades. We will regale you with stories of food and conspiracies and you will be taken by the adorableness of us. We will honestly make you sick.


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