Crazy sushi – made by us!


We decided to have a food adventure. Yes, we decided to make our own sushi. Sam has tried this before to no success, but he figured, by teaming up with Nina, there was no way it could be bad. She made the ingredients, while he made the rice and the sushi. We’ll go through the recipes one at a time.

For those you deciding to make sushi, make the rice earlier, or you will go hungry like we did. It took over an hour to make and then had to cool. Meanwhile, all we wanted was to eat. Planning. You should plan that.


We started with a bacon sushi roll. We said, “Why should it only be seafood?” This was the easiest one to make, as the cream cheese with chives that we used made it easier to roll. Instead of bacon, we got lazy and used real bacon salad toppers. Here are some of Sam’s rolling tips:

Make sure the rice is wet.

When you put the nori on the mat, put it rough side up.

Leave a 1/2-inch border around the entire border of the nori. This will make rolling easier. Try to line the nori with the rice and push it down so it’s flat.

Line your ingredients vertically along the left edge. This will make rolling uniform and give you a good looking roll.

Roll a little bit at a time. Make it tight, but not too tight.

Anyways. Back to our bacon roll.

It was decent. It actually got better when we added ginger and soy, which added some sweetness. Next time we make it, we’ll use tomatoes or roasted red peppers.


Buffalo chicken sushi – we used some breaded chicken and soaked it in Frank’s Buffalo sauce. Sam went willy nilly silly with the bleu cheese, which became one with the rice, so this was like a big piece of cheese. Which wasn’t as good as it sounds. Less cheese next time and some small strips of carrot.

Next time, as well, we will season our rice. We learned that one, too.


Crab sushi – Nina wrote down that she overcooked the crab. I liked it. She didn’t. The crab, that is. They came out OK, but we kind of threw this one together. We’ll come up with a better recipe.


Pork sushi – This was the best one. We used a BBQ pork chop from Nina’s leftovers, then added in some cucumber. The sweetness of the BBQ and ginger mixed to make a delectable flavor. Sweet sushi is different. Cool, too. Cucumber adds a clean taste to this to balance it. We really did something with this.

Most people are content to just go out and eat. Not us. We make crazy food. Generally, it involves bacon. Then, we watch documentaries about Harlan Ellison or episodes of Bones and CSI. You can be jealous. It’s OK. We understand.



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  1. Not sure if you’ve seen this, but there’s something called “gringo sushi” that’s kind of similar to this that Guy Fieri from the Food Network serves in his restaurant called Tex Wasabi’s. He uses tapioca rice paper instead of nori.

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