St. Maximilian Kolbe


After several fish fires, this has been decided as our favorite one.

We got there around 6 and almost everything was gone. We had ordered 2 sides of mac and cheese and one of the people said, “Oh you don’t want mac and cheese with lasagna. That would be too much. Why not some pierogies?” We starched it the fuck up. We were sad they were out of lots of things, but that’s what happens when you are the best.

Here’s what we had:

Lasagna: This was homemade and totally fresh, made with real tomatoes, shallots and garlic. Ricotta cheese inside, covered with cheese outside. The sauce was sweet. Sam usually doesn’t have a lot of lasagna, but when he does, he loves it. And he loved this.

Nina got crabcakes:They weren’t bad. A lot of breading, but for a fish fry, they were good.

Sadly, we did not get clam strips.

We had the previously mentioned amazing mac and cheese and pierogies.

If we have anything to say about fish fries, we think they should stay open longer. And have more coleslaw.
It makes Nina sad when they run out of stuff. On one hand, she’s happy that they are doing well, but sad for poor us that work late, then have traffic…then get no coleslaw.

We have to recognize Max Kolbe for their hustle. They had a large screen TV in the dining room that ran ads for local businesses, as well as place mats with ads for more local things. And a bake sale. And what a bake sale it was. We got the doughnuts for 25¢ each!

They also had a Chinese auction with fancy baskets and rocking chairs. A raffle, too. It amused us that all of the raffle numbers started off with 666. When the first one was read, the church lady working said, “That’s the devil’s number.”

We are sad to see fish fry season end. It meant a lot of great food. And some pretty amazing things in our lives. Next year, we want to not just concentrate on West Mifflin area. We have to get to the east and all over. Soon, it will be fair season. Remember! Get out and support your local churches when they do fish fry and carnivals and dinners. It helps keep great things going and you get some awesome food!


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