Yvette’s on 8th, Homestead, PA

Yvette’s on 8th
106 E. Eighth Ave.
Homestead, PA

We’ve passed Yvette’s many times as we crossed the High Level Bridge. Between that and the moose building, we’ve been fascinated. After one try when it was closed, we finally got a chance to sample the Southern style food here.

It was worth the wait.

The inside of Yvette’s is a bar. And dark. And red. It’s totally a bar. But it serves great Southern food. Food that Nina said is the best Southern food since she moved up here.


The booths are sweet, with a retro jazz feel. They’re small, but cozy. Again, there is a very dark atmosphere, but feels like it would be a great place to go see a band. Then again, it’s small and narrow, so where would a band go?

Hey, we thought it was an awesome place for a date. But we are kind of crazy. Maybe you should go on their karaoke night on Thursdays.

While we waited for our food, a SyFy Merlin show was blaring. Then, golf. Loud golf. It did not matter. The food got to our table (after the misordered Yuengling which ended up being Heineken).


We had:

Porkchop with mashed potatoes and greens
Meatloaf with mac and cheese and candied yams

Let’s break it down.

Candied yams: Fluffy. Kind of like how we imagine heaven to be. Perfectly sweet. And, as Nina would like to exlaim, “These are the best ever! No, seriously. This makes me happy! It’s food my mom would make.”These were almost wading in a pool of cinnamon goodness. Just enthralling and something we have discussed several times over the past few nights.

Mashed potatoess. Not bad, but tasted like made with water instead of milk. Pepper dotted.

Country fried pork chop: Moist inside, but great breading. It was Sam’s first time having one of these. He will have many, many more.

Greens: A bacon-y, meaty, juicy delight.

Mac and cheese: Tastes like max kolbe. It was swimming in cheese.

Meatloaf: Peppery and not the ketchup kind. It was gravy with no filler. All meat. Every bite was happiness and delight and wonder.

Really, our enemies could be tap dancing around the booth here and we’d still eat it. It was that good. If this place was in Shadyside or Lawrencville, you wouldn’t be able to get a table. But no, alone, in Homestead, we dined. We really eat well.

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