The Tin Front Cafe – Homestead, PA

The Tin Front Cafe
(412) 461-4615
216 East 8th Ave.
Homestead, PA 15120


If there’s one thing you should know about us, it’s that we love breakfast and brunch. We also like to sleep in.

Looking for a place to satiate our desire for breakfast and our need to get a few hours of sleep, we saw The Tin Front and turned around. We were glad we did.

As you can see from the photo above, the place is very pretty inside. It has a light, airy clean and crisp spring day feel – like fresh sheets.


They had some fancy things on our table that we picked up on right away that were sold next door. Like a water-filled iced carafe that looked fancy and made of glass, but was plastic.


The sugar dispenser was amazing and shot sugar into your coffee. And they had many, many, many coffees and teas. Sam chose a red chocolate tea. Fancy. Especially when you realize you are in Homestead!

They even had these awesome branching bud things in water at the table, so branches will bloom. The whole place is just pretty. That’s all you can really say. They also have quite the assortment of craft beers in bar.

What did you eat? Ah, yes. The food.


Sam had the Brie Apple French Toast, which Nina described as “banging.” A soft brie, apple and cinnamon blend, she also called it her favorite French toast. In the city. In the world. Ever? Maybe.


Nina had the Pear Gorgonzola Omelette. While the eggs were overcooked and she hates burned eggs, the inside was delectable, with creamy Gorgonzola that did not overpower the rest. On the side were some potatoes, which were spicy without being too much or distracting from the main course. The toast came with orange marmalade, of which we can speak of in one small word: “Yum!” It was a little zesty, but really good.


We cleaned our plates. Here’s the photo:

All this food for only…
$19.15. In Homestead. In a place that feels far away from the city.

Well done, Tin Font Cafe. We will be back to try your Taco Bake and Mac ‘n Cheese soon!

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  1. I LOVE your blog, Nina and Sam! 🙂 LOVE IT.

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