Round Corner Cantina – Lawrenceville

Round Corner Cantina
3720 Butler St
Pittsburgh, PA 15201
(412) 904-2279

We’d heard a lot about the Round Corner. It’s in the heart of Hipsterville, but we braved the pork pie hats and Animal Collective music to have some Mexican food.

As you may have read, as a fan of this bloggy, we have been snowed by hip Mexican places before. Will this place prove any different? Read on…

First off, it was uncomfy coming into the restaurant. We walked past the bar and had no idea where the dining room was. There was no server to greet us or tell us where to sit. We feel weird all the time. We don’t need your help feeling weirder. It was dark and red and no one was telling us where to go…so we wandered to a table and finally someone told us to sit down.

The décor can best be described as thus: A 70s interpretation of a Victorian Art Noveau print. And with the long troth filled with ice in the men’s bathroom, we can tell you that this is an authentic Mexican experience.

Our table was tight and felt like it could tip at any time. And this place was loud. Like, we couldn’t even talk loud. Our servers were, at best, surly. But hey, we didn’t come here to get treated well. We came to eat.

A major strike: no Yuengling. But if you want a $6.50 can of Boddington’s, old man, you can have one.

We started with the papitas, which is like Mexican lasagna. Sweet potatoes in a block of cheese. This was good, but a bit heavy. That said, you know. It’s a chock-a-block full of spicy and cheese and meat and sweet potatoes.

They also brought the chips and salsa out. The chips were nice, homemade chips. The salsa, on the other hand, was runny and did not hold up well.

We tried two different tacos:

The chirizo broke in half and became a gigantic mess before we even got to eat it. It had a decent enough taste, but the double taco shells were almost too much breading for Sam.

The pork belly was a new taste. It would have been nice if they had more apple in them. If it’s possible, they almost had too much meat.


All we ate was meat. Cheese. And carbs. But really, that’s what we ordered.

Looking on, we see a ton of four to five star reviews for this place. Maybe we went on an off night. But we’d rather go to Taco Loco and get more taco for less. This was a really up there in price meal with not as much return. We can’t say it was bad, by any means. It was alright. But we kept hearing that this was the greatest thing ever. And it was…well, it was a Mexican place with high priced beer and tacos. If that’s what you want, and you want to seem cool, then by all means come on down.

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