Mr. Hoagie – West Mifflin, PA

Mr Hoagie
4734 Lebanon Church Road
Dravosburg, PA 15034-1031
(412) 469-1194


After some requests, we decided to head off to West Mifflin’s famous Mr. Hoagie. For over 40 years, they’ve claimed to be the best sandwich around. We love testing people’s theories. We’re a control group that cannot be controlled.


We decided to go with:

Cheeseburger hoagie
The cheese was really thick, making this incredibly tasty. Sam loves a cheeseburger hoagie because it goes against the natural order of how the bread holding a burger should go. The patty was thin, but this was good. Would be even better if we loaded it with condiments, but after all, everything goes better with some condiments.


Onion rings
Wow. Just look at that package! We loved the art. Loved the onion rings. They were minced, which Nina prefers, because getting hot onion onto your chin can suck. They were buttery. Just buttery.


Chili dog
Imagine a sloppy joe on a hot dog. Yes. It’s that. That good. A nice dog. Good boy. Good dog.

Also, all the bread here? Soft. Great. We were already dreaming of a meatball hoagie while we were eating the food we already got. That’s how we are.


Italian hoagie
This needs some Italian dressing. Or peppers. Or something. Maybe that’s what the deluxe version is all about. That said, this was one hell of a hoagie.

Mr. Hoagie. Are you the best? We think you are one of them. You’ve been around for a long time. They opened a Subway right next to you and you stayed in business. You make us happy when we drive by, with your awesome logo and old style facade. Keep doing what you do. We will be back to try your sandwiches and your fried foods and your ice creams and your pizza. Make us fat, Mr. Hoagie. Make us ashamed to be this fat.

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