Hot Franks, Pittsburgh, PA

Hot Franks‎
2701 Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222-4711
(412) 281-2626‎


Sam comes from Ellwood City, PA. He grew up with two hot dog shops: Red Hot and Pee Wees. They each had their own charm and today, only Red Hot remains.

Nina comes from Englehard, NC. She doesn’t like hot dog chili with beans and eats cole slaw on her chili dog.

Together, they came to Hot Franks.

Sam was impressed that they were owned by the same people who are Bill’s Sandwich Shop in New Castle, PA, which is near Ellwood. He walked in talking about New Castle Chili Sauce and Bill, the owner, was even there and shook his hand. Ah, an Ellwood City boy in the big lights of Pittsburgh.

All we can say is: go to Hot Franks. Keep it in business. It’s not hip. Not fancy. It’s nice. It’s clean. You can get beer with your hot dogs. And this isn’t Dee’s or any of those cool hot dog places. You can get most of the dogs for around $2. The chili? It’s just perfect. No lie. But come here. Keep it in business. We were searching for a place to eat and just wanted to eat amongst real people, not pork pie hats.

Hot Franks. Nina’s second favorite chili dog in Pittsburgh. That girl? She’s rough on chili dogs. I’ve seen her outright get upset at a chili dog. This is the best review we can give.

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