Hook Fish & Chicken – North Side

Hook Fish & Chicken
North Side
1221 Federal St
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
(412) 697-2285



It was Friday and we wanted something quick, but delicious. There’s a Hook Fish & Chicken not far, so we tried it out.

First off, everything is covered with salt. If you’re going to eat healthy, you should probably avoid this place. Between all that salt and all that fat and grease and breading, yeah. You know. We would not name a blog Beer, Bacon, Candy if this was a worry for us.

We had:
Chicken Finger Dinner
Hush Puppies

The hush puppies? Tasty, but not great. Better than nothing. But nowhere near the hush puppies in Nina’s hometown. They give you some with every order in this restaurant and you would think, “Wow. That may be too many hush puppies.” Wrong. Not enough.

The wings? Delectable. Sam said it like 190 times while he ate them. “These wings? Delectable. Delectable wings. Mmm. Did I tell you these wings are delectable?” Sam has a tendency to tell people the same thing many, many times.

The chicken fingers were great. We had a ton of different dipping sauces, as we tend to do, so they went down smooth and easy.

In a hurry? Don’t give a shit about your cholesterol or sodium intake? Then by all means, make a trip to Hook Fish & Chicken.

Sam would also like to say that they are very honest. They originally charged him $12 too much and he never caught it. They did before he left and made up the change. It’s the little things!
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