Duke’s Upper Deck Cafe – Homestead

Duke’s Upper Deck Cafe
(412) 461-8124
122 W 8th Ave
Homestead, PA 15120




First off, they have a two hot dog meal for $7. Nina would like everyone to know that that is too much to pay for a hot dog. Second, they have a huge beer menu. Like, gigantic. It’s not Sharp Edge, but close.

Here’s what we got:

We went for the Duke’s recipe. They were just spicy enough. The outside was thick and crispy, with the inside perfectly moist.

Grilled cheese
A huge sandwich. Just huge. The bread is nice and soft and the tomatoes were still fresh inside, which is not an easy feat.

Yes, a sandwich named for a guy with a gigantic lower mandible who once coached in the Burgh. It was meat on meat on meat. Not much taste. Just meat.

The sweet potato fries were awesome. Just great. Made up for the sandwich.

At this point, we were leaning toward a mild recommendation.

That was until we got the Fudge Lava.


Fudge Lava may sound deadly but it is also delicious. It delivered, too.

It took this review up.

Duke’s is a fun place. Nice atmosphere. It’s not a date place, but if you want to come see a game and would like some wings and to choose from hundreds of beers, well, Duke’s is the place for you.

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6 Responses

  1. Reading your reviews I almost get the feeling you guys will jump with joy while shoving anything in your mouths. Apparently, this Sam character will eat pretty much anything and be happy. Sam, “Oooo , what’s that, the menu says, uh, whatever, give it to me, mmmmm” (Sam gives a thumbs up)

    Your reviews are an embarrassment to the industry in general. Stick to what you know best, and from the likes of what you write and coming from Pittsburgh, I think you’d all be stoked with a “pop” and a bag of Cheetos. Or French fries on a salad with fake cheese.

    On a side note, your pictures are flat out nasty. Hire an agency or something to help you with wording and pics. This isn’t middle school.

    • oh Ken, i do so love a pop, cheetos, and french fries on a salad. this shit is called beer bacon candy not hoity toity. I don’t know what steel town salad lover wronged you in your life but you don’t have to take it out on our fair city as a whole. the beauty of the internets is anyone (even middle schoolers!) can have a blog. we are actually working on the photos, but for now we are busy shoving food in our faces in a hurry because our day jobs of working at an ad agency and being a professional photographer keep us running around, so sometimes you end up with only a camera phone to take photos of the food.

      thanks for being a douche it got us some extra traffic and a nice little out pouring of love from our friends.


  2. Ken is missing the point. These are two people — regular people, not stuffy assholes who go out and hire agencies to do a blog for them that they do for fun — who are trying to relate to regular folks who like to go out and try new eateries. I’m sure you can go ahead and read some NYC-based blogs that’ll be more of your ilk. You know, because Pittsburgh people like to catch up on those NYC trends 3 years after the fact? You sound like an asshole, honestly. Not because you don’t like the reviews. But because you actually sound like an asshole complaining about this. Like, don’t read it.

    I, however, like the site, like the approach, and don’t feel spoken over my head. If the photos were shot by some agency or worded by some agency, the site would have no reason to exist. So keep doing what you’re doing.

  3. Uh, what did you expect from a blog called “Beer Bacon Candy”? Did you expect reviews of the validity of the molecular gastronomy of elBulli? Or the quality of steak from craft? It’s a local blog where two people who admittedly enjoy food that isn’t recogized as haute cuisine, review food that is far from being anything fancy. Er, or recognized by the “industry”. I’m sure that chefs everywhere are sitting and reading this blogs and are red in the face from all of this indecency and are fanning themselves with their last issue of Gourmet magazine. Oh, the horror of fries on a salad, oh, how cruel and unjust to my delicate taste buds!

    Nina and Sam, you have a group of readers who love what you do, even if we are a bunch of cheeto-eating, pop-drinking uncivilized buffoons. Fake cheese lovers of the world, unite and take over.

  4. There’s nothing more I like than being shredded. I live for counter-point. However, I did notice a bit of a step up in writing in the latest review.

    As for me, I live in a no-name town with 9 bars and one horrid pizza joint. And I was personally annoyed with how vague these reviews were. I’m not asking for much here . . just a better idea of what the venue and food was actually like.
    For humors sake, I did recently find out that at least one of these bloggers is from an agency. You people are missing my point. It’s not about convoluted high end spewing. It’s about more better relevant content whether sophisticated or not.

    Sure, I can stop over to my one horrid pizza shop and write a review that says “the floor had dirt on it, I had a slice, there was spicy sauce on it and the bread was so crunchy!” Lets grab a shovel people and dig a little.

    As for me, I’ll keep popping in on these from time to time in hopes of finding something appeasing. If I do, I’ll go to the place in question and eat there. If I don’t, I’ll just shut up and move on.

  5. 1) Would NEVER want to hang with “Ken” for a beer-n-wings and a game.
    2) Dukes is great. Long-time standing family tradition of going there…three generations in this family do NOT have to have our arms twisted to head to Dukes for anything on their menu. Thinking about a blast-furnace burger with a side-a-wings and cold one from Dukes has my mouth watering. I’ll be there with my dad this weekend for his father’s day dinner…it’s where HE chose to go and we could have went anywhere…maybe cuz it feels like home.

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