Amel’s – Pittsburgh

Amel’s Restaurant
435 McNeilly Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15226
(412) 563-3466


You turn off 51 and down 88 and down McNeilly and then, you see it. A big genie. When a restaurant has a genie on it, then you know that the Beer, Bacon, Candy people are going to stop and check it out. More restaurants in town should have genies on them.

This sense of design continues inside. You’ll feel like you’re in Aladdin or somesuch. It’d be awesome if Amel’s just had pillows on the floor. It’d also be great if it had big fans that people fanned you with, but then we’d feel all hoity toity and feel bad for the people fanning us.

But what did we get?



The hummus sampler has four kinds of hummus: red pepper and feta, traditional, ground lamb with pomegranate and a new mixed berry hummus. It’s all served with grilled pita triangles and delicious hot bread. The traditional hummus was much thicker than most you’ll get in the area. The new mixed berry? Wow. Great. Just…you would not expect berries in hummus. And you will after you eat this. The red pepper and feta is Nina’s favorite, if she had to pick. If Sam had to, he would pick the lamb and pomegranate. It’s not like we had a man sitting at our table saying, “WHICH IS BEST?” These opinions were just the way we felt at the time.

The fried feta in filo dough is what Sam first had from here. Nina didn’t like it – except for the horsey sauce that it came with. Horsey sauce is such a perfect name for any horseradish sauce and other than having a giant beef hat as part of their logo, we believe that this will be what Arby’s will always be remembered for.

We also tried the striped ravioli, which is made with mascarpone and sundried tomato ravioli with pine nuts in a light saffron broth. This is a fresh take on chicken noodle soup. The broth was really delectable, as we spooned it up and left nothing.

Amel’s is cozy. While we stuck to just appetizers, they have a huge menu. And you can sit with your lady (or dude, we won’t tell you what to do) under all the arabian nights decor and be like, “Hey, let’s go home and you can ride my carpet,” and she’ll be like, “Can we get the spanokopeta? And you’ll be like, “Oh, yeah, baby. We can.”

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One Response

  1. I love their pomegranate hummus and felt much like you the first time I had it: pomegranate in hummus? SO GOOD.

    Other pluses for me at Amel’s: great beer selection, outdoor seating.

    I love this blog, Sam and Nina, and I’m not usually into restaurant/food reviews 🙂

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