Skyvue Restaurant – West Mifflin, PA


Skyvue started it’s life as a USO center during World War 2. Located near the original Pittsburgh Airport, it unfortunately closed a few years ago, only to be reopened around 6 months ago. In it’s previous incarnation, it was a fun little place to go get some appetizers and a beer. Much like how when a band puts out a new album, Sam was kind of worried. Would the new Skyvue live up to the ruminations that he had on its past life?

The first thing we noticed was the new, clean look. They went with a blue and yellow color scheme and stuck with it throughout. And the floors have been totally redone and the new wood? Positively shining. Add in an old style jukebox and some aeronautical memorabilia and the Skyvue’s new look is pretty much perfect.


First off – we got some of the best service we have ever received at the Skyvue. Just nice, fun people working there. Overall, we had an incredibly pleasant night. I realize that at times, we seem overly happy in these reviews, but we are. We’re in love with food – two happy fat kids overjoyed to sit down and find fun new places to go to.

Appetizers? Let’s start with appetizers. Wondering where appetizers got their start? Some claim the Athenians. Others, the Romans, who believed that small dishes at the beginning of the meal aided digestion. Well, we got some big honking squares of jalapeno fried cheese, so I think the Romans were wrong. Not that these weren’t tasty, just that you know – it was a big log of cheese to start.


The other app? How about pizza soup?

Pizza soup?


Imagine chili without beans – and then add everything you’d put atop a pizza. And that, my friends, is what pizza soup is all about. Add in some bread and we were already full before the meal even began. But oh, the meal.


Nina got an asparagus stuffed pasta topped with a mixture of cream and tomato sauces. Sam got a penne pasta with prosciutto and peas. Both pastas were delicious. Sam, while half Italian, does not generally enjoy pasta, yet he found the blend of pea sweetness and salty meat to be delectable. And while we could barely finish our pastas, we were ordering dessert.


The Skyvue makes its own ice cream.

Their butter pecan was practically infused with pecans. Every bite was full of crunchy, yet oh-so-creamy goodness. It was a delightful end to a meal practically packed with food, all enjoyed in a friendly, inviting atmosphere.

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