Frankie’s – Lawrenceville

Frankie’s Extra Long
3535 Butler St
Pittsburgh, PA 15201
(412) 687-5220

A few days ago, we were driving through Lawrenceville in the most pouring of rain and we saw a sign that promised hot dogs. That’s really all it takes for us to get excited about food. After all, that Sam character…well, you know. On a Monday afternoon with the bosses away, we drove across town and settled up for some dogs.

Frankie’s is spartan. Not really any sides. Four sandwiches: meatball, sausage, kielbasa and footlong. They have chips. Cans or bottle of pop, soda to those of us with a more refined palate and not from our cultural backwater that uses words like “reddup” and “dahn.”

We sat down in the dining room beneath a ceiling fan that was blowing near gale force winds with a footlong with relish, cheese and chili and a kielbasa with sauerkraut and mustard. The dogs were nice, holding up well, but Sam’s bun had no integrity. Or perhaps he manhandles his food. Regardless, the kielbasa he ate was nice, a bit small, but at only $2.75, not a bad deal.

The chili was runny and it wasn’t the best. It was, well, a hot dog. Maybe we’re jaded. But with so many great spots in town, you may want to head somewhere else for an out of the ordinary hot dog. Frankie’s does have a bar, too, so you could enjoy a dog and an Iron.

That said, Hot Franks is not far. For our buck, we’ll drive downtown a little closer. But you might find yourself charmed by Frankie’s lack of, well, charm. It’s a neighborhood place, where we’re sure the same regulars have been coming in for years. And to be honest, in today’s change every day world, it’s nice when there are still places like this.

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