Mill Run Grille, Mill Run, PA

We were in town for a wedding at the amazing Fallingwater. Nina, taking pictures and Sam in the wedding. The last day there, we planned for a day of doing nothing but driving and finding fun places. This basically involved us trying to find somewhere cool to eat and we came through in spades.


The place looked unassuming. And well, with that picture of the duck, we had to stop there.


First off: the macaroni salad was amazing. Nina wanted more of it. So much that she would only order that. She would have tons of it, enough to just wallow in. Or wrestle in. She just wanted as much of the macaroni salad as possible.


Sam had the double bacon burger with these rad potato things. These burgers were nice and simple. That’s the thing about diner food. You aren’t always going to get high cuisine. Yet, for a relatively low price, you are going to enjoy something really tasty and you’ll just be able to sit back and enjoy the slower pace, especially in a small burg like Mill Run.


Nina had the single bacon burger with sweet onion rings. They were pretty much perfect. It was hard to find anything bad to say about this place. A lot of critics are, well, critics. We see ourselves as celebrants. Celebrators of fun, trying to tell people about the food adventures that we have had and trying to get you, the reader, to go somewhere you may have never gone to before. Get out there and eat! Get an appetizer! Get a dessert! Live, because life is short!


We also enjoyed some breaded cheese sticks. Yes, we like cheese. We like to stick it in our faces.

Here’s the menu.


If you find yourself in the area, Fallingwater is only a few miles away, as is a Yogi Bear Camp. Keep driving and soon, you’re in Ohiopyle and can go rafting. It’s a nice area to just chill out and relax. But soon, we had to go back to the city. These burgers left memories of a lazy, happy day.


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