The Little Deli – Northside

The Little Deli
860 Western Ave.

Located inside the recently renovated Modern Cafe on Western Ave. in Northside, this is a gem waiting to be discovered.

We’ve always loved the look of the Modern. The neon, the old yet never goes out of style feel. Who knew there was a brand new deli inside?

We ventured in and were kind of take aback by the many, many sandwich offerings. You can even build your own sandwich from their many meats, breads and cheeses.


Sam settled on The Spartan. The menu suggests that this is only for the truly hungry. This menu? Not lying. Ribeye steak, like on a Philly steak sandwich, gyro meat, provolone, feta, onions and tomatoes, all perfectly intermingled with special steak seasoning and dressing…then topped with a tzatziki sauce on a 6-inch hoagie bun. Sam dares to say that this was the best sandwich that he has ever had. And that’s saying so much, because he eats sandwiches all the time. This really takes the cake, err…sandwich when it comes to filling you up. Each bite was a mouthful of meaty magnificence.

The Little Deli has what they claim is an award winning Reuben. Lean corned beef, cole slaw (Nina substitutes this for sauerkraut), swiss cheese and Russian dressing, all on thick slices of Jewish rye bread. This Reuben was well-received. We don’t know what kind of award it won or who from, but it was well earned.

Also…the potato salad? Magnificent.

Even better – you can eat inside the Modern Cafe and get a beer with your lunch.

The Little Deli is only open from 9-4 Monday through Friday, but if you work or live in Northside and have a hug appetite, you really can’t go wrong. The menu is packed with a ton of other dishes we want to try. Why don’t you visit and tell us what you think?


We went back to The Little Deli. This time, Nina had the Spartan and Sam had the Greek Cheese Steak. More Macaroni Salad was had, of course.



The Greek Cheese Steak was a smaller than the Spartan sandwich, with the same awesome taste!

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