Lindos, North Side

947 Western Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15233
(412) 231-0110


Lindo’s is the home of the single piece of best bacon Nina has eaten in Pittsburgh. Other bacon was just normal, but that one piece was a gift from God or whomever you pray too.

We love a Greek diner with all day breakfast. Even better, they have a buffet on Saturday and Sunday for only $6.99. It’s at the end of Western Avenue and seeing as how we woke up late, it all worked out.

We got the buffet. How was it?

The bacon, again, was cooked the way Nina likes it. She’s had a lot of bacon in her time. A lot. And this was, well, you read above. Crispy on the meaty parts and chewy on the fatty. It was medium grade bacon but cooked well. They just had a giant bowl filled with bacon. The first batch was OK. But the second had that one thick cut beautiful piece of dream bacon.

They also had potatoes had peppers and onions, eggs, cinnamon-y French toast, some grits (which didn’t have enough salt in the water, but after adding a bunch and pepper weren’t bad) and so much more.

The sausage was like little Jimmy Dean sausage links. One piece was uncooked in the middle. Otherwise, they were good. Also, we’d like say RIP, Jimmy Dean Sausage King.

The pancakes were an amazing golden brown. They just kept filling up the food, let us tell you!


The only odd thing about this place was that they were playing a Cindy Crawford informercial on the TV. If you have cable, you should put on a fun channel that people can eat breakfast to. That’s our opinion.

That was really one of the few bad comments we had, haha.

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