Bisto Soul, North Side

415-417 East Ohio St
Pittsburgh, PA 15212
(412) 231-0218

We’ve been waiting for this place to open for awhile.

Was it worth the wait?

Wait and see.

Bistro Soul differs from Bistro to Go as they have the same menu every day. It’s a simpler menu, but no less interesting to explore.

We tried several of the sides, because, well, sides are the best. The crispy macaroni and cheese is much like a more homegrown mac and cheese bite, in that it crumbles and falls to pieces. You can try two sauces with it: Joe’s red, which is a ketchup based sauce with some kick, or white sauce, which is a ranch inspired sauce. We preferred the white.

Pecan encrusted sweet potato casserole? You know that we are going to love that. Cornbread? Yep.

The summer slaw was nice. It’s a non-dairy cole slaw, with large cuts of cabbage. Very refreshing.

Sam went for Matty’s Meatloaf. It’s a gravy based meatloaf, versus ketchup. Do you like meat? Like, really like it? Good. We’d like to know. You are our audience. Well, this meatloaf? You’ll enjoy it, carnivore.

Nina had the Chicken Cobbler, which she thought was just ok. It wasn’t bad, per se, but we build huge expectations up for this place.

That said, we’re definitely going back. It’s worth the quick drive over and as time goes on, it will get even better. We saw one of the racks of ribs cooking and it looks like that’s what we’ll be enjoying next.

Also, if you want to save some money, check out the daily dish on their site. At the bottom is a coupon for a free side!

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2 Responses

  1. Sounds awesome. I was JUST talking about this last night. Pittsburgh needs a gourmet “fast food”. My idea was an automat like the ones popping up around metro areas. Buy tokens, pop them into whatever little cubby hole you want, and grab the food that’s in there. I’m going to have to check this place out.

  2. We look forward to go back to Bistro Soul for the soul food. We were there a couple weeks ago for a wine exchange. They offer a great event space with Bistro Soul. It has a lot of character.

    For people interested in the daily dish coupon, it can be found at: I was unaware that the Bistro To Go coupon also worked at Bistro Soul. Good to know!

    We spoke with the owners and the actual Bistro Soul website will be at, but it is still under construction.

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