It’s Fair Season!

The Beer Bacon Candy kids hit two fairs this weekend. This is but the first of the reviews.


Sam is from Ellwood City and every year, there’s the Arts, Crafts, and Food Festival. Or, as the townies call it, the Food Festival. Local churches, the Moose, the Elks, the VFW, every group in town shows up and makes food. Delicious, amazing, delectable food.


The Festival is inside Ewing Park. It’s gorgeous, but let us warn you. The trees will trip you up again and again. It’s treacherous and everyone has just accepted it.

We started with, well, what else but the $8 lamb dinner. And it was as it always is. Amazing. A garlic onion sauce in a small lid, a big piece of bread, some fries and lamb, oh baa glorious lamb. We topped this off with pierogies, which were a bit too doughy. But you know, you take the ok with the great.

Funnel cakes are the whole reason to go to fairs. The funnel cake booth is perhaps the busiest. One line is short. That’s the pay line, which gives you a ticket. The other line? That’s where you wait for funnel cake. Later in the day, Sam saw the line grow to nearly 30 people waiting. We had ice cream on ours, but you could choose from all kind of fruits and even a boston cream.

This summer will be the summer that we drink more lemonade than ever before. We loaded up on fair lemonades. We also brought our dogs, until we heard that “pets are not permitted” over the loudspeaker. In Ellwood, they don’t beat around the tree. They tell you to take your dog home.

We came back to enjoy some art.


This guy? He loves amber. Huge chunks of it. Any kind of jewelry you want, as long as it’s amber.

Check out his stuff at


This dude makes his own guitars and plays them.

There was also a band playing Chicago’s greatest hits. Like a night in shining 25 or 6 to 4.


It wouldn’t be the Art in Arts, Crafts, and Food Festival without the art show. There were some great pieces in this year, but some of the worst ones won.

Finally, this is Nina’s favorite thing:




It’s from Hudson River Inlay, which you can find at

Yes, that’s right. They eat on their soft bellies.

We’d also like to announce a statement:

Lots of people see us in public and say, Beer. Bacon, Candy kids, we love your blog so much, we read it every day.



We appreciate it.

But please.


Leave it in the comments so our Google score goes up.

That way, we’ll know you love us, like an Extreme song.


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